History of Demons – Today and Yesterday

The meaning of the word demons comes from ancient text stemming from the catholic bible. It refers to the devils minions or angels that have fallen from the heavens. There are said to be hundreds and even thousands of different types of demons though, the head demon is reportedly known as the devil or Lucifer from the bible. He is also considered to be the source of all evil within this world directing his demons to carry out his evil deeds among the weak and willing.

While most demons are evil in nature and aim to destroy all that is good, when you look at Greek cultures, it is written that there are good demons as well. These good demons are considered to be the ones who put themselves in the middle of men and Greek gods. They promote happy feelings for the person who is being guided by them. This is typically not the case though as there are more tellings of bad demons than good.

Demons have been a part of history since the beginning of time and have put a certain fear into many believers throughout the years. Showing, communicating or being possessed by a demon was told to be the most horrific thing that anyone could experience. Most people avoided the subject of demons during early times. Today however, demons play a very big role in everyday life as they are given an almost celebrity position with movies, books, TV shows and even Ouija boards in which people attempt to communicate with other worldly demons from beyond the depths.

People who still believe in the ancient text and are less modernized would never go near a Ouija board as they believe that if you are communicating with a demon, you will open a doorway to allow that demon into this world. In turn, you will be possessed by the demon. A prime example of this belief can be seen in the movie, The Exorcist in which the young girl of the movie is taken over and controlled by a horrific demon. She experiences convulsions, regurgitating, a bad attitude and head spinning among the many other things that happen to her during the possession. The girl has to be exorcized by a priest in order to get rid of the demon. Demons are not just present in movies today though.

The word ‘demons’ has evolved to become a part of everyday conversation as they take on the form of showing something is bad. If someone says, you have demons in your closet; they are referring to you having some nasty or bad secrets which you are hiding. If they say that you need to fight your demons, they are referring to anything that may be making you scared or holding you back. Many times, drugs are referred to as twentieth century demons because they are something bad that take over a person and have no mercy. This is kind of similar to the ancient text and beliefs of what the demon is as well.

Demons are mythical, ancient evil creatures and although they have become even more present in today’s world, most people do whatever they can to avoid them in their lives especially, those with religious beliefs.

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