List of Some of the Most Popular Role-Playing Games by Genre

When was the last time you tried your hands in enacting someone else? Well, the answer would probably be “ummm, don’t really recall that”. It is indeed true that in this super-packed up lives that we live, there is no time to have even a proper meal forget alone sparing time for leisurely activities. However, the monotony and recurring nature of the human life in this fast paced twenty first century world does call for some other the other forms of entertainment not only to relax and rejuvenate for the next round of tasks but also to have pure fun and in a way, socialize. Playing games of various kinds is one of the best ways to achieve this and role-playing games or RPGs as they are popularly called are definitely hot in the list of must dos for a lot of people all over the world irrespective of the age or work field. Below is one way of classifying these ultra-chic defined computer games.

Role playing games that originated from their pretty simple and not so clearly defined siblings, the tabletop or Live action role playing games or LARPs, are not even close to being ‘simple’. From a great user interface that feels like the player is actually living the setting, to state of the art animation and graphics and not to forget the crackling music effects, the world of these computer role-playing video games is particularly intriguing due to its sheer brilliance and make belief. Although not much classification based on characterization and theme has been done in this field but based on the overall level and kind of activity that goes on in the plot and user interface, RPGs can be rightly categorized into the underwritten forms.

One of the most talked about, rather played genres of computer role-playing games are Action RPGs. These, like the name itself suggests is all about unleashing the dogs of hell and showing your combat and war skills. Some of the best examples of graphic games under this category include some very big names in the biz that have a mind boggling fan following all over the world. Bokoshuka wars, the classic Dungeons and Dragons, the Tower of Druaga, the Dragon Slayer series, the Final Fantasy, the Legend of Zelda, the Magic of Scheherazade etc. are just a handful of the huge lot of role-playing games that fall into this sub-order. These games were designed over a long period and had a feel of the era and the socio-political and cultural conditions of the time.

Next up are the tactical or strategizing role-playing games that are a combination of the old world role-playing games and the strategy planning games. Most of these games are Japanese in origin and like all other goods from the land, is hugely popular all over the world. Examples of such games include Final Fantasy Tactics, Destiny of an Emperor, Fire emblem, the Ogre battle and many more.

The next genre on the list is the Rogue like RPG, where features such as permanent death of the players, movements that are turn-based or scope for randomization and replay ability etc. make the games that were originally taken up from the classic Dungeon and Dragon game Rouge, popular. Other citations include the Mystery dungeon series, the Torneko, Chocobo and the very popular Pokémon series.

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